Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Security and Training Innovation and Tips


This blog highlights and reviews information and ideas within the security industry! We are keen to share our knowledge and latest information in useful short posts and that we help plan and improve your strategy, whether you are a security company or oversee security within your business. We as a company have over 30 years experience in providing security solutions and Training innovations for internal and external people. 

Security and Training Strategies


We will be looking at a range of information and tips on current standards and changes within the security industry. This will include how the security perception has changed over recent years and the demand for variation of the duties that security employees will perform.

Sharing of Information

We will also keep people informed of any changes made within the security industry and best practise using great strategies and free advice on how to use these effectively and how to make the most of them within your field of expertise.

Constraints with the industry

One our focuses that we will be looking at the constraints within the manned guarding, key holding and training platforms and seeing how we can turn, on face value, any negative constraints into positive outcomes.

Sharing Best Practise

We welcome anyone that would also like to share best practises or information that effects the security industry on our blog  to assist in creating  a great platform for all to view.

We also work on a number of other platforms including Google+ page, which can be seen here:

Also we can be found on Twitter at @a1securityLuton or a1trainingLuton

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